it's 1995

as much as i'd like to make this blog full of pictures and inspiration, it's not. why? probably because i think i'm too busy to grab the camera, take a picture, take a good picture, upload it, adjust it, resize it and post it. kudos to those who do because i love looking at your blogs. keep up the good work. 

my day to day life at the studio changes but music is a constant. maybe after the stationery show i'll post some more letterpress related pics and blurbs, but for now i've decided to share what i listen to in order to keep myself sane, motivated, pleasant, and sometimes awake. feel free to sing along if you know the words.


do you have a card?

now that the stationery show is less than 6 weeks away, it's time to create some business cards. here are a few examples of what i WON'T be doing. enjoy.