new year resolution

my new year resolutions are pretty basic for 2010. the usual suspects include getting into shape, drinking more water, being on time and not procrastinating on pretty much everything i do. i feel confident that those will never change and that's almost comforting in a flabby, dehydrated, running late kinda way. i'll work on another word for "procrastinating" later.

on a deeper level i have a few goals that i've made which i plan to share with no one but myself. i've written, typed, and laminated a business card size list of goals that cannot be broken this year no matter what. do you think the laminating was to much?...yeah, me neither. laminated or not, this chick means business! each morning i plan to pull out that card in hopes of keeping my eye on the prize. my goals are attainable and that's all i need to know to keep me going for the next 365 days and beyond.

i'm looking forward to what is coming my way.