if you could be doing anything else other than printing, what would it be?

hmmm...i've asked myself that question on more than one occasion when the biz has been in at its lowest, but i don't think i've ever decided an answer that i could stand by. i think i'm a maker at heart so it would have to involve my hands.

i also have a personality that makes me think i could do anything i wanted. that's probably why i have about another dozen business ideas in my head at all times. hmmm...maybe my profession could just be "entrepreneur";) thanks for asking!

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proceed and be bold!

if you love stories about people who love letterpress, then you'll most likely love this movie. i just ordered my copy today.


what's the scenario?

thanks to dane for the write up in steeltown anthem. she's got a crazy cool little blog goin on so make sure you check it out.

also, we've got lots goin on this month in the shop. my first studio class is this saturday and i'm excited to see how it turns out. i had a few cancellations so right now there are still 2 spots open: 

monday, march 15th night class :: 6-10 (1 spot open)
sunday, march 21st  class :: 10-2 (1 spot open)

next week i'll announce the class schedule for april so stay tuned!